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The Top 5 Online Pet Training Courses to Try Today

Do you have a furry friend that has been giving you the runaround? Do you wish your pet had better manners and well-trained obedience? If so, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of online pet training courses available.

Training your pet can be one of the most rewarding things for both you and your pet. It is always best to get professional help when it comes to training animals as there can be complications if any steps are missed or done improperly. With the use of more technology, many people have turned to various online resources to find answers to their pet’s problems.

It is important to find a reliable and quality online course for training your cat or dog. So we have identified five of the top options available on the web today. Read on to uncover which ones would be a great fit and could benefit your beloved pet!

1. K9 Training Institute

K9 Training Institute is a top choice for online dog training courses, thanks to their comprehensive program led by respected dog behaviorist Dr. Alexa Diaz and Animal Planet TV show host Eric Presnall. What sets K9 Training Institute apart is their focus on body language and gentle, non-confrontational techniques for effective communication with dogs.

Their online course covers a wide array of behavioral issues, including aggression, separation anxiety, pulling on the leash, and more. Through their program, pet owners will learn how to communicate with their furry friends effectively and correct negative behaviors using positive reinforcement.

One of the most significant benefits of K9 Training Institute is their free workshop, which provides a sneak peek into their online course. Additionally, they offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, giving pet owners confidence in their investment.

2. Dunbar Academy

If you’re searching for a comprehensive pet training program, Dunbar Academy is an excellent option to consider. Developed by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a veterinarian, dog trainer, and animal behaviorist with over 30 years of experience, this online training platform offers a wide range of free and paid courses for dog parents.

One of the significant benefits of Dunbar Academy is its focus on games and reward-based training to achieve positive results. This approach makes the training process fun for both pets and their owners.

The platform follows a subscription-based model that allows users to access hundreds of hours of content, including videos, ebooks, podcasts, worksheets, and webinars. Subscribers will also be granted access to a Facebook group where they can seek training advice from professional trainers and other members.

Beyond this, Dunbar Academy offers popular bundles such as Puppy Training, Behavior Problems, and Games Workshop that users can purchase instead of a subscription. These bundles enable users to focus on particular training areas that they want to improve.

3. SpiritDog Training

SpiritDog Training is a top-notch provider of online dog training courses suitable for various needs of canines. They focus on positive reinforcement training methods that help dogs learn in a fun, engaging and stress-free manner.

Their online dog training courses are created in video format. This format helps dog parents to learn at their own pace and replay the videos whenever needed. The videos are categorized into several modules, including puppy training basics, obedience training, loose leash walking, tackling reactivity, resource guarding, and other topics. Each module contains several lessons that cover a variety of skills necessary for raising a well-behaved and well-adjusted furry friend.

One significant advantage of SpiritDog Training is the unlimited feedback from professional trainers, which is crucial for dog owners who need assistance along the way. Dog parents can submit videos of their dog’s progress, and certified trainers will provide constructive feedback to ensure that they’re on the right track in their training journey.

SpiritDog Training also provides a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee, giving potential customers peace of mind when purchasing their courses. This guarantee gives them ample time to explore the courses, ask questions, receive feedback from the trainers, and undertake a comprehensive evaluation of their efficacy.

4. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is a comprehensive online pet training course that has gained popularity for its positive training techniques and step-by-step programs. The course is delivered primarily through YouTube videos, which are organized into playlists and easy-to-follow programs.

One of the strengths of Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution is its focus on positive training techniques, which emphasize rewarding good behavior rather than punishing negative behavior. The step-by-step programs are structured to cater to different stages of puppy training, including crate training, potty training, and leash walking, among others.

The course covers a wide range of topics, including basic obedience training, impulse control, and mental stimulation. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution also provides guidance on how to train service dogs and tackles behavioral problems, such as separation anxiety.

One potential downside of the course is its lack of focus on behavior modification for aggressive dogs. Although the course provides guidance on how to address various behavioral problems, some pet parents have noted that the training techniques offered may not always sufficiently address more severe issues.

Another criticism is that the course can come across as overly promotional, with Zak George frequently promoting his products and services. While it is understandable that a person’s personal brand would be integrated into their course offerings, it can sometimes come across as distracting from the core instruction.

5. Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is an online school founded by Denise Fenzi, a well-known name in the world of dog sports. With over 30 years of experience in dog training and competing in a range of sports, Fenzi has developed a reputation for using motivational techniques to train dogs.

The academy offers more than 50 different courses taught by leading experts in their respective fields. These courses cover a variety of dog sports, including agility, obedience, nose work, herding, and rally. Students can choose from different schools based on their interests and goals, ensuring they receive tailored instruction for the sport they want to pursue.

The curriculum at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is clearly broken down by level of difficulty, making it easy for students to find a course that is right for their skill level. Classes are offered at three different levels: gold, silver, and bronze, with each level offering a different level of access and interaction with the instructor and other students.

Gold-level classes provide the highest level of interaction with instructors, including personalized feedback on assignments and live online webinars with the instructor. Silver-level classes offer a more streamlined version of the class, while bronze-level classes provide access to the course material without any instructor feedback or peer interaction.

One of the unique features of Fenzi Dog Sports Academy is its innovative teaching methods. Instead of pre-recorded videos, the academy provides a real-time classroom experience, where students can interact with their instructors and other students in an online environment. This allows for a more personalized and interactive learning experience that simulates the in-person classroom experience.

Whether you are looking to compete in competitive dog sports or simply want to build your training skills, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy has something to offer everyone. With its wide range of courses, expert instructors, and unique online setup, it is no wonder why Fenzi Dog Sports Academy has become one of the most popular online dog training programs available today.


In conclusion, online training for pets have proven to be a valuable resource for pet owners looking to train their furry friends. The convenience of online training combined with the benefits of positive reinforcement techniques and experienced trainers can help pet owners successfully address behavioral issues and teach basic obedience skills.

It’s important to note that while online training can be effective, it’s also beneficial to complement it with in-person training and addressing specific behavioral issues with an animal behaviorist if necessary. The key to successful dog training is to continue learning and adapting to your dog’s individual needs. Always prioritize your dog’s well-being and enjoy the journey of training your furry companion.

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Everything You Need To Know About GPS Dog Fence

Do you worry about your dog running away or getting lost? Are you tired of traditional fences that block your view and require constant maintenance? If so, a GPS dog fence might be the perfect solution for you and your furry friend.

With a GPS dog fence, you can set boundaries for your dog and receive alerts if they stray too far. Plus, you can track their location in real-time, giving you peace of mind and ensuring their safety.

In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about GPS dog fences, including how they work, their benefits, and our top picks for the best GPS dog fences on the market.

Introducing the GPS Dog Fence

What is a GPS dog fence? A GPS Dog Fence is a type of pet containment system that works by using satellite technology to create a virtual boundary that keeps dogs within a designated area. Unlike traditional dog fences that physically surround a property using wood, metal, or wire barriers, GPS Dog Fences rely on radio signals that determine a dog’s location through a GPS tracker and receiver collar.

The GPS Dog Fence system is an effective solution for pet owners who want to keep their dogs within a specific area without having to install a physical fence boundary. It’s also ideal for homeowners who live in areas where physical fences are prohibited, or where the terrain makes fence installation difficult.

Using a GPS Dog Fence system is relatively easy. Pet owners simply install a transmitter that emits radio signals around a designated area. The dog receives a receiver collar that contains a GPS tracker that communicates with the transmitter. If the pet leaves the protected area, the collar sends a signal to the transmitter, which then sends a message to the owner’s device to alert them that their dog has gone outside the established boundary.

GPS Dog Fences also offer extra features like monitoring a dog’s activity levels and daily outdoor activities, providing the option for a pet tracker, and long-lasting battery life. It’s important to note that proper training is essential to the success of a GPS Dog Fence system, as some dogs may need guidance on respecting the invisible boundary.

Benefits of a GPS Dog Fence

Investing in a GPS Dog Fence can provide many benefits for both pet owners and their furry friends. In comparison to traditional physical fences, GPS technology offers a more flexible and customizable solution that eliminates the need for wires and fence posts. Here are some of the advantages of using a GPS dog fence:

Precise location tracking: A GPS Dog Fence uses satellite technology to provide accurate location tracking for the pet. It can track the dog’s movements in real-time, making it easy to monitor and correct wandering behavior without the need for physical boundaries.

Customizable boundaries: With a GPS dog fence, pet owners have more control over setting the boundaries for their pets. The system allows for customization, enabling the pet owner to set specific boundaries that suit their preferences and needs.

Remote location tracking: One of the most significant advantages of a GPS Dog Fence is that it can track the pet’s location remotely. This means that pet owners can monitor their dog’s whereabouts using a mobile device or computer, even when they are not physically present.

Outdoor activities: GPS Dog Fences also provide the option for peaceful coexistence of outdoor activities, such as hiking or camping. This is because the system can monitor the pet’s activity levels and daily outdoor activities, ensuring that the animal remains within the designated boundaries.

Monitored activity levels: Additionally, the GPS Dog Fence system can monitor the pet’s activity levels, providing insight into the dog’s health and overall wellness. The system can track the dog’s movements, ensuring that it gets sufficient exercise and activity levels. This can be beneficial for pet owners who have busy schedules and may not have the time to monitor their dog’s activity levels.

Types of GPS Dog Fences

GPS dog fences are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners who want to keep their pets safe and secure in their yards. These fences work by creating an invisible boundary around a designated area, and if the dog tries to leave the boundary, the GPS collar worn by the dog sends a signal to the pet parent’s smartphone alerting them to their pet’s location. There are different types of GPS dog fences available on the market, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. In this article, we will explore the different types of GPS dog fences that you can choose for your beloved pet.

1. Wireless GPS Dog Fence:

This type of fence is also known as a virtual fence and is easy to set up. It uses GPS tracking technology to create a defined boundary range around your property. You can control it through an app on your smartphone, and you also receive notifications if the pet steps out of the defined range. Without any need for wires, it’s an ideal solution for those with larger properties.

2. In-Ground GPS Dog Fence:

This type of fence requires burying the boundary wire underground. The dog’s GPS collar interacts with the buried wires, creating an invisible boundary. It’s a more permanent solution than a wireless fence and allows pet owners to create custom boundary shapes. The boundary is also not affected by potential obstructions like radio frequencies that affect wireless fences.

3. Hybrid GPS Dog Fence:

This type of fence combines the benefits of both wireless and in-ground fences. It has a separate transmitter that can be mounted to create a circular boundary range like a wireless fence, but it needs an underground wire for boundary stability like an in-ground fence.

4. Halo Collar:

Halo Collars work similarly to in-ground GPS dog fences. However, they do not need a separate device to be mounted. The collar creates the perimeter, and it’s easy to set up and use. Plus, it offers unique extra features like an activity tracker, daily alerts, and it keeps the pets safe when they’re enjoying outdoor activities like swimming.

Technology Behind a GPS Dog Fence

A GPS dog fence is a boundary system that consists of a GPS tracker and a wireless fence collar for dogs. The system uses satellite technology to create a virtual fence, rather than burying wires or building a physical fence. This fence boundary can be customized based on the activity levels and daily activities of the dog and avoid potential obstructions by adjusting the parameter. The GPS tracker communicates with cellular networks to provide accurate and real-time location tracking for the dog.

The receiver collar is equipped with a rechargeable battery that lasts longer than traditional fence collars, and the system may offer extra features, such as an activity tracker and subscription plans. Proper training is critical for the success of a GPS dog fence, and some firms offer a training program. In addition, GPS dog fences are safer than electric dog fences because they don’t use shock or static correction to discourage a dog from crossing the border.

Overall, GPS dog fences are a modern and innovative solution that allows a pet parent to monitor and protect their dog in real-time, without building a traditional fence or worrying about their pet’s safety. With a variety of features, benefits, and options available, GPS dog fences offer a smart pet containment solution for every dog parent.

How Much Is A GPS Dog Fence?

When it comes to GPS dog fences, the cost can vary depending on various factors. On average, GPS dog fences can range from $200 to $1000, depending on the type of fence, the number of collars required, and any extra features included in the system.

There are different types of GPS dog fences available in the market, and each type has a different price range. A traditional underground wire fence can cost anywhere from $200 to $400, whereas a wireless fence can cost between $300 to $500. For gps-based fences, prices range from $700 to $1000, depending on the technology used.

In some cases, GPS dog fences may also require a subscription plan for the collar to work correctly. The subscription plan can typically cost around $5 to $20 per month, depending on the brand.

However, it’s essential to note that a higher price doesn’t always guarantee a better quality GPS dog fence. There are several factors that affect the cost of a GPS dog fence system, such as the technology used, the range of the fence, and the brand.

If you’re on a tight budget, a traditional underground fence may be the best option. Still, if you want to invest in a GPS fence, it’s crucial to consider the features included in the system and the brand’s reputation before making the purchase.

Proper training is also crucial in making the investment worth it. Investing in a training program may add to the total cost of the GPS dog fence.


In conclusion, GPS dog fence systems are an excellent investment for pet owners who prioritize their furry friends’ safety and well-being. Although there are different types of GPS dog fences, including underground wire fences and wireless fences, the GPS-based fence is the most reliable and effective option. It provides pet owners with real-time location tracking, ensuring that their pets are always within the fence’s boundary, even when they’re not at home.

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Perfect Gifts for Your Professors

When it comes to finding the perfect gift for your professors, it can be tough to know where to start. After all, they are the ones who have helped you succeed in your studies and have been a source of knowledge and support throughout your academic journey.

So, what can you give them that will show your appreciation for all that they have done? Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. A personalized thank you card.

A handwritten thank you card is always a thoughtful and appreciated gesture. You can use it to express your gratitude for your professor’s guidance and support, and let them know how much you have appreciated their help throughout your studies.

2. A small gift card.

If you are looking for a more practical gift, a small gift card can be a great option. You can use it to buy your professor a coffee or tea, or even a book that they have been wanting. Either way, they are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gesture.

3. A basket of goodies.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can put together a basket of goodies for your professor. Fill it with items like snacks, candy, tea, coffee, or even a gift card. This is sure to be a hit with any professor, and they will definitely appreciate your thoughtfulness.

4. A homemade gift.

If you are crafty or have a particular skill, you can use it to make a homemade gift for your professor. This could be anything from a knitted scarf to a baked good. Whatever you choose, make sure it is something that you know they will appreciate and use.

5. A donation in their name.

If you are looking for a more meaningful gift, consider making a donation in your professor’s name to their favorite charity. This is a great way to show that you care about the causes they care about, and it is sure to be appreciated.

Whatever gift you choose, make sure it is something that comes from the heart. Your professors have helped you in so many ways, so take the time to show them how much you appreciate everything they have done for you.

What presents do teachers really want?

Teachers are some of the most important people in our society. They shape the minds of our future leaders and help to mold the character of our young people. So, what do teachers really want?

Sure, a new car or a fancy house would be nice. But, what teachers really want is something that will make their job easier and more enjoyable. Here are some ideas of presents that teachers would love to receive:

1. A Classroom Library

One of the most important things in a teacher’s classroom is the library. A well-stocked classroom library can make all the difference in engaging students and fostering a love of reading. If you’re looking to give a teacher a truly meaningful present, consider donating to their classroom library. You can even put together a basket of books that the teacher can use to get their library started.

2. A Classroom Cleaning Service

Let’s face it – teachers spend a lot of time cleaning up after their students. A gift certificate to a local cleaning service would be greatly appreciated by any teacher. This way, they can spend more time focusing on teaching and less time worrying about cleaning up the classroom.

3. A Gift Card to a Local Teacher Supply Store

Teachers are always in need of supplies for their classroom – from paper and pencils to art supplies and educational games. A gift card to a local teacher supply store would be a great way to help a teacher stock up on supplies for their classroom.

4. A Classroom Organization System

A good organizational system can make a teacher’s life much easier. If you know a teacher who is constantly struggling to keep their classroom organized, consider gifting them with an organizational system. This could include things like bins, labels, and storage containers.

5. A Yearly Subscription to a Teacher Magazine

There are many great magazines out there specifically for teachers. A subscription to one of these magazines would be a great way to help a teacher stay up-to-date on the latest teaching strategies and trends.

What do teachers need most right now?

It’s no secret that teachers are under immense pressure these days. With larger class sizes, more demands on their time, and increasing expectations, it’s no wonder that teachers are feeling the strain. So what do they need most right now?

1. More support from school administrators.

Teachers need to feel like they have the backing of their administrators. They need to know that their administrators are there to support them and have their best interests at heart. Unfortunately, in many schools, teachers feel like they are on their own. They feel like they are the only ones who care about their students and their education. This feeling of isolation can be very detrimental to a teacher’s morale and can make them feel like giving up.

2. More resources.

With larger class sizes and more demands on their time, teachers need more resources to be able to do their jobs effectively. They need more materials, more technology, and more support staff. Unfortunately, many schools are cutting back on resources instead of providing more. This puts an even greater strain on teachers and makes it even harder for them to do their jobs well.

3. More respect.

Teachers need to feel respected by their students, their parents, and society as a whole. Unfortunately, there is a growing feeling that teachers are not respected as professionals. This lack of respect can make it very difficult for teachers to do their jobs well and can lead to burnout.

4. More appreciation.

Teachers need to feel appreciated for the difficult work that they do. They need to know that their efforts are not going unnoticed or unappreciated. Unfortunately, in many schools, teachers feel like they are taken for granted and that their hard work is not appreciated. This can lead to a feeling of devaluation and can make it very difficult for teachers to continue doing their jobs with enthusiasm.

5. More time.

With all of the demands on their time, teachers need more time to plan, prepare, and grade. They need more time to meet with students and parents outside of class time. They need more time to collaborate with colleagues. Unfortunately, many schools are cutting back on instructional time instead of providing more. This leaves teachers scrambling to get everything done and can lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed and stressed out.

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Perfect Gifts for Teenage Men

When it comes to gift-giving, nailing the perfect present for a teenage boy can be tough. They’re at that in-between stage where they’re not quite children anymore, but they’re not quite adults either. They might be into gaming, sports, music or any number of other things. And their taste can change from one day to the next!

If you’re stuck on what to get a teenage boy for his birthday or Christmas, take a look at our list of potential gift ideas. From the latest must-have gadgets to cool clothes and accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Video Games

Whether he’s into first-person shooters, role-playing games or anything in between, there’s sure to be a video game out there that he’ll love. If you’re not sure which ones to get, ask his friends or take a look at his existing collection to get an idea of the kind of thing he likes.

Sports Gear

Is he a keen footballer? A budding tennis star? Or does he just like to keep fit? Whatever his sport of choice, you can bet there’s some gear out there that he’d love to get his hands on. From branded sports clothes to the latest high-tech equipment, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Music Merch

Does he love going to see live bands? Is he always listening to music on his phone? If music is a big part of his life, then you could treat him to some music-related goodies. T-shirts and hoodies featuring his favourite bands are always popular, as are tickets to see them live in concert. Or how about an iTunes gift card so he can buy all the latest songs and albums?

Gadgets and Gizmos

Teenage boys are notoriously hard to buy for, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate a good gadget. Whether it’s the latest smartphone or a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, there are plenty of technology gifts out there that will put a smile on his face. Just be sure to check with his parents first if you’re not sure whether they’ll approve!

Clothes and Accessories

As they get older, teenage boys start to take more interest in their personal style. If you know what kind of clothes he likes, you could treat him to a new shirt, jacket or pair of jeans. Alternatively, how about a trendy new accessory like a watch or piece of jewellery? Just be sure not to overstep the mark – you don’t want him thinking you’re trying to dress him!

What does 15 year old boy want for Christmas?

It’s that time of year again! The time when we start thinking about what to get our loved ones for Christmas. If you have a 15 year old boy in your life, you may be wondering what to get him. Here are some ideas that may help you out!

Video Games – Chances are, your 15 year old boy is a big fan of video games. You can’t go wrong with getting him a new game or two for Christmas.

Clothes – At this age, boys start to become more interested in fashion. If you’re not sure what style he’s into, you can always go with a gift card to his favorite store.

Sports Gear – If your 15 year old boy is into sports, he’ll appreciate some new gear. You can get him a new basketball, football, or whatever his favorite sport may be.

Gadgets – Boys at this age love gadgets. A new phone, tablet, or even a smartwatch would make a great gift for him.

Whatever you decide to get your 15 year old boy for Christmas, he’s sure to appreciate it. Just make sure to put some thought into it and choose something that he’ll really enjoy!

What gift can impress a boy?

When it comes to impressing a boy, it can be tough to know what gift to give. You want to give something that is special and memorable, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend a fortune. Here are a few ideas for gifts that are sure to impress any boy.

One gift that is sure to impress is a watch. A nice watch is something that every boy appreciates. It is something that he can wear every day and it will always remind him of you. Another option is a gift card to his favorite store. This way, he can pick out exactly what he wants and you don’t have to worry about picking the wrong size or color.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could always get him tickets to his favorite sporting event or concert. This is a gift that he will definitely remember and appreciate. Whatever you decide to give, make sure it is something that he will enjoy and appreciate.